Shift in Cuba policy would be failure for United States, says expert — Interview

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In December 2014, in the most sweeping change in U.S. -Cuba relations in five decades, Obama and Raul Castro jointly announced plans to normalize ties, in a move that quickly sparked much controversy in the United States.

The Treasury Department will have 90 days to implement these changes, according to the Miami Herald, which was briefed on Trump's planned announcement scheduled for Friday.

Even opponents of Obama's policy said they didn't expect much from Trump's proposal.

Florida was a key state in Trump's stunning Electoral College victory in 2016, and the Cuban-American community is politically influential in the state.

Normalized trade with Cuba could add $1 billion in sales for USA farmers, the USDA said past year.

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"The extremist Miami exile sectors are interested in returning to that old policy because those groups lived off that confrontation for more than 50 years and it was the American taxpayers who financed that failed policy", Morales said.

While tourism to Cuba is still technically banned by federal law, the Obama administration had made concessions to allow USA citizens to travel to the island nation and spend money if their objective for traveling fell under one of 12 accepted reasons. A main concern is that Mr Obama's White House made it too easy for money spent by American companies and individuals to flow to Cuban government sources instead of benefiting regular Cubans.

"And I'm very proud of what the president will be announcing tomorrow". The Havana U.S embassy will stay open. During that event, the Trump noticed the people are eager for the President to place the human rights and free in Cuba and protection to U.S national security during the Castro bond. Cuba will also not be reclassified as a state sponsor of terrorism under the new policy. "We want to empower and we want to strengthen the Cuban people without strengthening the Cuban military, which controls a significant percentage of their economy".

The U.S. has had a trade embargo against Cuba for 56 years.

"Some 85 percent of our clients are Americans and they are the ones who consume most and pay the best", said Yuri Barroso, doing promotion for a restaurant on Plaza Vieja, a square surrounded by elegantly restored colonial buildings.

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In 1980, some 125,000 Cubans fled the port of Mariel on boats to the the largest single exodus of refugees in modern Cuban history.

"If we make it tougher on Cuba, there are other folks ready to line up and say, 'We can help you with that, '" Young said.

Under the revised travel policy, US officials say there will be tighter enforcement to make sure Americans legally fit the 12 authorized categories they claim to be traveling under, which could spook many visitors, wary of receiving a hefty fine.

While no one expects Trump to sever recently restored diplomatic ties between the former Cold War foes, or re-close the USA embassy in Havana, his administration has been discussing policy changes that include barring business transactions with companies associated with the Cuban military. Despite the compelling case for engagement argued by Republicans and Democrats, businesses and human rights groups, few are optimistic. The George W. Bush administration decided at one point to require payment before ships left USA harbors, an inconvenience that delayed shipments while money was routed through non-U.S. banks and added to the overall cost of the imports.

Trump has long hanged his understanding of the deal between the United States and Cuba on his "Cuban friends" in Florida, whom he said throughout the campaign supported him over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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