ASUS details Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Microsoft is taking a big step forward with its plan to conquer virtual reality

That pricing is roughly in line with the competition. But Halo is one of the names that stood out the most.

All these games ran on a PC with more powerful, discrete graphics (like an Nvidia graphics GPU).

Since January 21, 2015, when we announced Microsoft HoloLens, we have seen developers, partners, and customers innovate in ways we have never seen before. In addition, Microsoft revealed that 343 Industries will create the new title in Halo universe for the mixed reality devices. Dell says that the technology is "future-proof" and that it's platform-agnostic, meaning that it can communicate with other mixed reality headset brands that come out in the future.

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Meanwhile, prices of mixed reality-capable PCs begin at $499.

For starters, we now have a release window. "Windows Mixed Reality, paired with ASUS design and materials, enables a comfortable and fun experience for customers to achieve more and let their imagination wander". Microsoft execs said they're aware of this and say it's related to the way Minecraft is designed (you kind of slide along the landscape) and are working on adjusting the motion for VR. While the brief experience was novel, it remains hard to see how it could supplant working on a laptop or PC just yet.

Microsoft put an Acer mixed reality headset on my head and handed me two motion controllers at a recent press event.

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People won't have to own a Vive headset to access VR software from the distribution service considering that the new Windows-based VR headsets will be employing steam in their wide range of operations. You won't need a large play space either or hours of setup. Beyond portability, Microsoft says set up time is under five minutes. Microsoft claims that Mixed-Reality PCs will run MR experience to the tune of 60 frames per second while Ultra PC will deliver 90 fps. That image includes apps like the online social VR hub Rec Room, the slow-motion ninja simulator Super Hot, and the video-distribution platform Hulu. Aside from the price, the Windows platform has a few features that make it stand out from SteamVR and the HTC Vive and Facebook's Oculus Rift. But the new Microsoft gear really is virtual reality fare. As ZDNet's sister site CNET reports, the new model with GTX 1060 graphics updates its top-end configuration.

But while recent quarterly reports show continued gains in its Azure cloud business, PC sales remain a consistent drag on profits.

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