Justice Department Requests Supreme Court Remove Travel Ban Exception Protecting Certain Refugees

Trump Asks US Supreme Court to Restore Refugee Travel Ban

US officials can at least temporarily continue to block refugees with formal assurances from resettlement agencies from entering the United States after the Supreme Court intervened again Monday to save a piece of President Donald Trump's travel ban.

Now with this, those who have family members in the U.S. or have a job, or are enrolled in American Universities can not be barred from entering the States.

In June, the high court said the administration could not enforce the bans against people who have a "bona fide" relationship with people or entities in the United States.

Trump Asks US Supreme Court to Restore Refugee Travel Ban

The ruling would have taken affect on Tuesday, reopening the door to 24,000 people left in limbo by President Donald Trump's on-again off-again travel ban.

The moves over the scope of the injunction against Trump's travel and refugee bans have taken place even as the 90-day ban on travel from six Muslim-majority nations and 120-day halt to the refugee program took effect - with exemptions, under a Supreme Court order, for those with a "credible claim of a bona fide relationship" to a United States person or entity.

The arguments hinged on a stipulation in the travel ban that refugees in the pipeline can only be accepted if they have a "bona fide relationship" with a U.S. individual or entity.

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The Trump administration said it should not, meaning such refugees would be barred. Not only is the department now battling over an injunction on a policy that likely expires in two weeks, but its opening brief before the Supreme Court didn't even address the issue. Even those refugees with formal assurances from a resettlement agency lack the sort of connection that should exempt them from the ban, the Justice Department argued in its filing to the Supreme Court.

Thursday night, the 9th Circuit Appellate Court struck another blow to Trump's second, scaled down travel order.

A federal appeals court ruled last week that the administration must temporarily admit refugees if a resettlement agency had promised that it would provide basic services for them.

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Last week, the lower court narrowed the scope of the travel ban for extended family members such as grandparents and refugees.

Absent Supreme Court action, the Ninth Circuit's decision is due to go into effect Tuesday.

The six countries included in the general travel ban are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen.

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